Is my camera worth fixing?

  • More often than not, yes, it is. If it is more than 5 megapixels and you like the camera you have, then yes it probably is worth fixing.
  • Sand damage and impact are the most common problems we see. Our skill and experience means we can dismantle and repair lens assemblies and drive mechanisms without having to supply expensive replacement parts.

Will the repair be reliable?

  • Yes, it will. We only undertake repair work when we know it will be absolutely reliable.
  • We guarantee our repairs for 90 days from the date of collection.

Do we charge for estimates?

  • We will supply a written estimate of work required and costs involved. If you proceed with the repair there are no additional fees.
  • If you do not wish to proceed, then we hope you will understand that there is significant time involved in examining the camera and preparing the estimate, so, yes, we do charge a modest fee.