A New Start for Fototech

Posted by admin - May 25th, 2012. Filed under: Latest News.

If you need your photography equipment serviced or repaired, you’ll be glad to hear that Fototech is open for business and still offering their expert knowledge of top camera brands. With a wealth of experience in repairing cameras, optical and photographic equipment in Christchurch, New Zealand, the team at Fototech can also perform other electronic repairs (they even service KitchenAid appliances!).

Fototech can repair all formats and most brands of digital SLR and film cameras (everything from 35 mm to medium and large format), including Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Tokina, Panasonic, Fuji and Sony. They also offer other photographic services including sensor cleaning, insurance reports and pre- or post-purchase camera inspections. Lenses, flash guns and meters can also be fixed. The experts at Fototech can be trusted to repair your most precious heirloom cameras, from Rollei TLRs to Bronica, Pentax, Canon and Nikon. Remember the old Box Brownies? We’ve repaired them too.

Like many businesses in Christchurch, Fototech has relocated since the earthquake of 22 February 2011. The fourth-floor workshop that the business occupied for more than 20 years no longer exists – but it did stand long enough for all of the occupants to get out and to retrieve all-important test equipment and spare parts. On this website, you’ll find some photographs of the old workshop – for the staff of Fototech they are a precious memory of the company’s long history.

Fototech is now back up and running at 38 Stanbury Ave in Somerfield. The new workshop in the suburbs of Christchurch might not enjoy quite the same views, but being on the ground floor means there are no stairs to climb! Visit the workshop for further information or to request a quote – if it is photographic or optical, they can probably repair it for you!

Not in Christchurch? No problem. Fototech works with customers from all over the world. Send them an enquiry and find out how they can help you.

7 Responses to A New Start for Fototech

  1. Katrina Kraenzlin

    I LIVE IN TAURANGA AND MY Rollei 3.0 touchscreen has a problem with the lens – it will only go in and out if I help it manually. please can you let me know the nearest place that I can get it fixed. If I send it to you how much is the repair likely to cost?
    thanks, Katrina

  2. fototech

    Hi Katrina,
    There are several places in the North Island where you could get this fixed. However as we are authorised service providers for these cameras, I would recommend you send it to us at 38 Stanbury Ave, Christchurch 8024. We will appraise it and let you know the cost to repair ~ Richard Thompson, for Fototech

  3. Steve

    Hello there, have recently acquired an early model Pentax Spotmatic..it seems to be working well, but the focus screen probably needs cleaning as the viewfinder is quite dirty..is this something you could do??? I’m in Christchurch



  4. Maureen

    I have an old Pentax Zoom70 film camera – very much a workhorse over the years for holidays and family photos but is now not taking photos at all though the battery has been replaced. I imagine it would probably cost more to repair than buying a new one. Is there anyone in Auckland who could look at it just to advise whether or not it’s fixable – might just have to replace it with a digital camera. Your advice would be appreciated.

  5. fototech

    HI Maureen,
    Apologies for the late response, your enquiry has only just appeared on our website. Your camera could be repaired and most faults can be repaired for under $200. I’m afraid I know of nobody left in Auckland still repairing cameras, so there is effectively no one, locally, who can assess it for you.Regards, Richard Thompson. for Fototech.

  6. fototech

    Hi Steve,
    Cleaning can be done, but would require removal of the penta prism to do this, probably around 1.5 hrs work. We would happy to do this for you or to advise you in any way. Just drop the camera in to our workshop at 38 Stanbury Ave, Chch. Regards, Richard Thompson, for Fototech.

  7. Jayz

    hi! My nikon coolpix l310 shutter button is not working, and is not zooming in and out as well. How much is it for repair? Ill send it to you guys, i just need to know the cost first, thanks

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